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A lengthy repository of thoughts on Chlorine Dioxide, Detergent Chemistry and Cleaning Protocols

We will begin with the basics: the discover, history and characteristics of the molecule that can change the face of germ control.

Understanding the characteristics of aqueous ClO2 as compared to gaseous ClO2 makes all the difference.

In this section, we will review the various classes of disinfectant – the precedence of oxidizers, and the superiority of ClO2.

Among the various distinctions of Chlorine Dioxide is its ability to execute its antimicrobial strategy on three fronts.

In this section, we discuss the means of pathogenic attack and the relative potential of cytological damage.

And while we could go on and on, we will close out this section with the specific recommendations of the WHO and others.

Water-based detergents can be dissected into basic blend of three components. Knowing these can mean correct use.

Water is, and will forever be, the universal solvent. Beyond that , it is also the most common vehicle in soil removal.

Solvency does not play the same role in water-based chemistry as in other, more aggressive chemistries, so dwell-time matters.

The last 30 years in the cleaning industry has produced mechanically generated detergent substitutes worthy of review.

In this section, we will look at the role of chemistry and its potential to enhance or detract from amazing microfiber.

The “great outdoors” can and should be the model for indoor sanitation. We will discuss the use of benevolent bacteria and enzymes.

Soil load can be broken down into three sizes. The definition of these sizes determines your protocol requirements.

Soil load can be broken down into three types. The definition of these types will determine your choice of chemistry.

Cleaning is also broken down into three distinct actions. Followed in sequence, these actions define “clean”.

In the days of resistant bacterias and emerging viruses, we can no longer accept “look” and “smell” as validation.

The use, and emergence of bacteriostatic durable coatings offers a level of security that must become a part of any protocol.

The employment and care of high quality equipment can make a radical difference in your manpower deployment and cost.

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