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Observations on the Setting:

Rarely does an individual visit a hospital who is not at risk of either being infected, or infectious to others. We are all carriers (to some degree) of bacteria and viruses that can bring havoc to the weakened and compromised. The level of cleaning in a healthcare setting needs to be to the highest standards and regularly validated for protocol and product efficacy.

Recommendations on Cleaning Protocols:

Too often, healthcare facility staff place all their trust in disinfectants, spread liberally – forgoing the step of soil removal and elimination. Furthermore, the use of sustainable microfiber is being passed by for disposable, pre-treated wipers that are not designed to remove soil – just spread solution. If this does not change, HAI’s will continue to grow. Soil and bio-burden must be removed to guarantee a sanitary surface.

Products you may wish to Review:

We would like to recommend the use of the following products, used in this order:

  • Envirotab ClO2 Cleaner applied with a damp ProTab cloth or damp Microfiber;
  • Dry microfiber used to capture and contain/eliminate surface soils and bio-burden
  • ProDox Healthcare Disinfectant (expected release in Q1 2021) applied with a ProTab Cloth Towel.

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