Why Does Size of Soil Matter?

The Three Sizes of Soil:

Soil can be logically divided into three sizes:

  • Gross Soils – Those items that are clearly distinguishable, one from another.
  • Fine Soils – Those particles that are only recognized in mass, like dust.
  • Microscopic Soils – Those microbes that are invisible to the naked eye, and yet essential to remove in the process of cleaning.

Size of Soil & Selection of Tool:

Your selection of tool for cleaning should always be relative to the size of soil you are attempting to retrieve. Sweeping is fine for large (or gross) soils that you can see: wood chips, water bottles, and visible debris, but not for dust, which can become airborne degrading air quality and settling afresh on horizontal surfaces. For dust, we recommend vacuums whenever possible that can capture airstreams, filter them and return them to the space – dust-free. For microscopic soils, there is nothing better than microfiber.

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