The Types of Soil & Why they Matter…

Maine Blueberries as the Perfect Illustration:

Here in Maine, blueberries grow wild and plentiful and in what most farmers would say is the “most unagreeable conditions”. Our blueberries grow in low bushes among and around rocks and in fields so plentiful with boulders that no one would ever consider it for cultivation. It is the wonderful organic situated amidst the inorganic.

Soils may be divided into Three Types:

  • Organic Soils – Those which are derived from food matter or its byproducts.
  • Inorganic Soils – Those soils that are of mineral derivatives, like oil and grease.
  • A Blend of the Two – The toughest of the types, when you have the two in one stain.

Type of Soil & Selection of Chemistry:

As discussed in our post, The Use of Enzymes, it was described how enzymes and benevolent bacteria can play a pivotal role in the breakdown and removal of organic soils from surfaces, sub-surfaces and soft materials like carpets and fabrics.

That being said, we believe that the use of a bio-enzymatic is essential to the successful cleaning of any surface contaminated with food-based spots, spills or stains, and the use of more traditional detergents is an option for inorganic soil removal. Whenever possible, however, use mechanical action to remove inorganic soil. More on that in Three Actions of Cleaning.

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