Agriculture & Horticulture

Observations on the Setting:

In increasing numbers, food in North America is being grown in greenhouse production houses, with sophisticated, automated management, and in an almost unending number of growth cycles. Natural and artificial lights give off UV light and water lines run everywhere.

The problem is that the same light that encourages photosynthesis in plants also warms the cyclically stagnant water in the feedlines to the temperature that is perfect for the growth of e.coli, salmonella and legionella.

Recommendations on Cleaning Protocols:

With Securitab, charge solutions of ClO2 can be prepared onsite and fed into the lines, raising the level to a constant 1ppm, controlling and eliminating the possibility for water line contamination. High concentrations may also be used as topical treatments for the elimination of most surface molds that may appear on the plants.

Products you may wish to Review:

As they become available, please consider the following products:

  • Synergy BioClean Plus used at just 1oz/gallon of water for downtime cleaning;
  • Synergy Securitab (expected to be available in Q1 of 2021).

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