Cooling Tower Cleaning

Observations on the Setting:

Cooling Tower operators are regularly under intense scrutiny to ensure that they are providing protection against water contamination by Legionella, Salmonella and other water-contaminating pathogens. Furthermore, the build up of biofilm on condenser plates and tower packs reduce production efficiency, slowing down heat transfer and increasing cost. Finally, consider the fact that all colony-forming aerobic bacteria have the capacity to breakdown even metallic surfaces as they dig their foothold in deeper and deeper on surfaces.

Recommendations on Cleaning Protocols:

Limescale and biofilm are both at the forefront of Cooling Tower Cleaning protocols, and nothing reduces both as rapidly as chlorine dioxide. Employing a foam-able solution of Envirotab and Synergy Cling will quickly dismantle both the lime, and the scum produced by these colony-forming units. The routine will simply be:

  1. Apply the foaming version of Envirotab at 300-400ppm
  2. Agitate as possible with a mechanical brush or
  3. Rinse free with clear water.

Products you may wish to Review:

As they become available, please consider the following products:

  • Envirotab Cleaning & Deodorizing Tablets;
  • Synergy Cling to create a foam with ClO2.

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