Calculating Chlorine Dioxide Concentrations

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  • Liquid: Cleaning Solutions
  • Liquid: Water Sanitizing
  • Gassing: Autos & Single Rooms
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Instruction Tab

Each of the ‘Tabs‘ above contain a different means of performing a calculation for the proper use of our ClO2 Generating Tablets.

Please be sure to read the opening description on each page so as to create the right solution for the right application.

Liquid: Cleaning Solutions
This tab is for those wishing to employ general guidance for hard (and some soft) surface applications: Refer to the list below then use the calculator to match the tablet size to the desired volume of water.

Hard Surface: Cleaning, light deodorizing and surface sanitation with microfiber or Synergy ProTab Compressed Wipers. Recommended solution strength should equal 100ppm.
Hard Surface: Deep Cleaning, deodorizing, and surface sanitation when noticeable or odorous soil is present. For best results use microfiber. First prepare your desired volume of solution at 200ppm, allow to completely dissolve, then add 1-2 ounces of Synergy Soil Break and gently stir.
Hard Surface: Disinfection of pre-cleaned hard surfaces – prepare your desired volume of solution at 400ppm, apply to a pre-cleaned surface and allow to air dry over a period of 3-4 minutes. This concentration is also useful for mold-mildew remediation, and may be mixed with 1-2 ounces of Synergy Soil Break per gallon.

Soft Surface: For carpets, upholstery and laundry that is particularly odorous, a solution of up to 200ppm may be prepared and 1oz/quart of Synergy Soil Break added as a buffer.

Insert your desired water volume and your target concentration and the calculator will fill in the rest! Round up or down as necessary.

Liquid: Water Sanitizing
keeping your water clean
This tab is for those wishing to employ general guidance for the treatment of water volumes of up to 1000 gallons with ClO2 for maintaining biologically clean water. Here we cover the following applications.

Maintaining Hot Tub & Swimming Pools: The target concentration for MAINTAINING water is 1.0 ppm. For Cleaning a Hot Tub surfaces, lines, jets and in-takes, please use a Cleaning Solution of 50-100ppm. .
Poultry & Livestock Water: Improve gut health, reduce bacteria and keep slime and algae under control in water feeders with a solution of just 3.0 ppm. Flushing or Cleaning a Poultry water container can be done with 50-100 ppm.
Greenhouse Water Storage Tanks & Lines: Keep bacteria and other microbes that harm young shoots and plants with a regular flushing of the lines with a solution of 5.0 ppm. .

Insert your desired water volume and your target concentration and the calculator will fill in the rest! Round up or down as necessary.

Gassing: Autos & Single Rooms
This tab is for those who are preparing to deodorize a pre-cleaned vehicle or single room of a home. In each case we recommend the use of a battery bubbler to aerate the prepared ClO2 solution, forcing the gas out of the container and into the air space and substrates.

Preparation Step #1: Vehicle interior should be thoroughly cleaned ahead of gassing. If space has been occupied by a smoker, then all interior surfaces should be first washed down with a solution of 100-200ppm with 1oz/quart of Synergy Soil Break. Fabrics and carpets must be dry ahead of gassing.

Preparation Step #2: Cabin air filter(s) should be removed, seat belts pulled out and clipped, visors turned down and consoles and glovebox left open.

Preparation Step #3: Contents of jar should be removed, precautionary statements and warnings read, and “Deodorization in Process” card filled out and tapped to the driver’s window.

Set-up Step A: Air pump is not to be used with provided air stone, but with alternative weight or secured to jar with a rubber band. Vehicle HVAC should be set to interior air circulation with neither heat nor air conditioning. Vehicle key may be set to ‘accessory’ position or left idling for the 30-45 minute process.

Set-up Step B: Jar should be filled to ‘fill-line’ with clear, warm water, and placed in cup holder of vehicle. Appropriate PPE’s donned, tablet foil pouches opened carefully and deposited into water.

Set-up Step C: With tablets dissolving, air pump running and fan in vehicle circulating, leave the vehicle unoccupied for 30-45 minutes, then return to remove deodorizing contents and with doors open, allow vehicle to air out.

Select your Type of Space and your Degree of Odor and the calculator will fill in the rest! Round quantities up or down as necessary.

Gassing:  Whole Homes

This tab is for those wishing for assistance in deciding how many tablets and pails to use to deodorize a whole house. Rule of thumb: Our whole house kit is designed to accommodate houses of up to two floors and 1600 sf.

This program is only open to certified professionals, and we can highly recommend consideration of joining one of these fine affiliate organizations.

Enter your room dimensions and your degree of odor and the calculator will fill in the rest! Tablet quantities may be rounded up or down as necessary.

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