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Chlorine Dioxide Basics…Part 5

ClO2: The Water, Air and Surface Disinfectant

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ClO2 in Air Purification:

Unique among the oxidizing class of disinfectants, Chlorine Dioxide has been frequently and successfully used to purify the air of odor and other contaminants. Among the most famous of which was the use of it in the 1976 outbreak among the attendees of an American Legion Convention at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia PA. Radical steps were taken to save the building from demolition, and the city’s inhabitants from further exposure, the hotel was enclosed in a tent and filled with ClO2 gas. The treatment was a complete success. Today, ClO2 is used for everything from localized odor control to the reduction and removal of airborne microbes from the air.

ClO2 in Water Treatment:

It is not feasible to deliver perfectly sterile water for drinking, animal hydration or plant irrigation. Trace bacteria is found in most water sources – especially well water. As the water sits idle in supply lines, bacteria reproduces, colonizes and constricts the lines with its defensive system. This increases the potential for contamination of people, animals and greenhouse-grown plants. ClO2 is unique in its ability to break down and control bacteria and biofilm at levels that are perfectly safe for drinking.

ClO2 for Surface Disinfection:

Thousands of studies have been conducted to demonstrate the superior ability of chlorine dioxide to perform surface disinfection without leaving a sticky or harmful residue behind. The science of this is simple: the water delivers the gas (ClO2), the gas destroys the contaminating microbes and anything left dissipates into the air, leaving only the water behind. We will dedicate a number of pages to present these details in our Documentation Section.

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