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Knowing Why You Clean, How You Clean

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Session #1 - The Essential Role of the School Custodian

In this introductory session, we briefly discuss the role of the school custodian in the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment. What is at stake? Quality of Education, attendance and by extension, test scores and school funding.

Session #2 - A Close Encounter with THREE Microbes

In this second session, we introduce the three predominant microbes affecting school environments, their relative sizes and set the stage for future discussions on each type of microbe.

Session #3 - The Types and Sizes of Soils to be Cleaned

In this third brief session we discuss a logical order for cleaning, beginning with the largest of waste items - GROSS soils, then move on to smaller soils and finally, microscopic bio-burden.

Session #4 - Organic Soil Removal - Cleaning Like with Like

In this fourth session we discuss how the chemistry used in cleaning cannot improve upon what already exists in nature. That the way our own bodies (and creation) are both programmed to break down organic soils with enzymes and good bacteria.

Session #5 - The Greatest Advance in Cleaning of the 20th Century

Without getting into the exact science of microfiber, in this video we very briefly discuss the highly effective nature of microfiber, and its ability to remove microscopic and microbial soils with astounding efficiency.

Session #6 - The Proper Use & Color-Coding of Microfiber

Using Microfiber properly begins with understanding the practice of color-coding towels (and mops) with your preferred chemicals, and pre-folding your towel to reduce the likelihood of spreading microbes.

Session #7 - The Nature of Detergents, Part 1

Understanding detergent chemistry and application requires a good knowledge of the pH Scale, it's meanings and it's limitations. The number itself does not always determine the danger of a chemical, but it will help you understand its best use.

Session #8 - The Nature of Detergents, Part 2

Surfactants are necessary for a solution to be called a 'detergent', but their are two things to remember - 1) you never want to leave detergent (surfactant) residue behind, and 2) Not all surfactants are created equal.

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