Choosing Quality Tools & Equipment

The Cost of Labor:

Cleaning costs are almost dead-on: 90% labor, 5% consumable materials, 5% the amortization of the equipment used. Selecting tools and equipment on cost over production value NEVER pays off. No decisions concerning the purchase of these durable goods should ever be made in an effort to “pinch pennies”. Saving 10% on equipment that adds 10% to your cleaning time will always cost you 9.5% more in total cost to clean.

The Value of Sustainability:

The same may be said for floor care products – with the numbers working out almost identically. Choosing a floor coating and care system that forces more deep scrubs, more strip outs or more burnishings will never create the sort of savings that matters in the long run. Select systems, tools, equipment and products that cut your labor – for the inevitable will forever arise – and you will be so much happier with your budget value.

The Proof in Validation?

Every point we have made here can be put to the test, both before you buy and during the course of your fiscal cycle. If you need assistance in analyzing these validations – or presenting them to your ‘bean-counters’ please don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll both be happy with the data.

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