What is Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide – Along for the Ride:

As mentioned in our earlier post, ClO2 is a gas, and does not hydrolyze in water. This means that its characteristics do not change, its components do not break down and it does not become what we might call a traditional “solution”. Chlorine Dioxide is simply a gas, delivered by the vehicle – water – and it just along for the ride. Let’s continue with the analogy: put a seat in a car, and it becomes an integral and essential part of the car. Put a passenger on the seat, and he or she does not become an integral part – removing the passenger does not detract from the car, remove the seat and it is less than a car. You can tell it’s there from the distinctive yellow color.

Chlorine Dioxide – Looking for a Destination:

This molecule, which can be added to water without being altered in state, function or power, is on a hunt. The ClO2 molecule, somehow, has an innate understanding of its place in Creation. It is designed and determined to find and attack pathogenic invaders. While it employs oxidation to disinfect, it is selective – looking specifically for (from smallest to largest) microbial contaminants. Being so small in size, it can simply leave its aqueous vehicle, pass through the lipid layer of a virus or the membrane of a bacteria and begin its work of dismantling the matrix of the microbe.

Generated Organically:

The generation of this molecule is closer to home than one might think.

Being reacted into the molecular union of Chlorine and Oxygen, designed to work at extremely low concentrations and being selective in its attack strategy, what is a better compound to place within our own white blood cells?

Three of the Earth’s most abundant resources are Air, Water and Salt. Without any one of these we cannot live, and furthermore, without the formation of the ClO2 (chlorine from the salt, and oxygen from air and/or water) we would have no means of fighting off infection or decay.

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