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We Have Made It Our Objective to...

Create The Most Scientific, Most Effective Cleaning Program Ever Conceived

Breaking down soil's proteins and bio-burden's odor with Chlorine Dioxide

Creating Cleaning Solutions that leave behind no Soil-Attracting, Bacteria-Harboring Residues

Discovering and Offering Equipment that Radically Reduces Labor Expenses

We Design & Deliver Products to Professionals that Enhance Cleaning Programs

ClO2 Tablets & Granules

Synergy began with the dream of developing and offering the best possible means of generating ClO2 onsite anywhere and for any of the thousands of applications for which chlorine dioxide is suitable. Breaking down organic soil and biofilm like no other compound, it makes it the perfect choice for your cleaning program - regardless if you are looking to clean the air, the water or environmental surfaces.

Concentrated Cleaners

We then made it our business to master the concentrated cleaning compound with a few objectives in mind: to create concentrates that would consistently require 1oz or less per gallon of water; to create a means of enhancing aqueous ClO2 so that it would work for cleaning and deodorizing carpets and other fabrics; and most of all, do it all with surfactant chemistry that leaves no residue behind to attract soil.

Powdered Enhancers

We then asked the question - do we really want to be shipping liquids? This led us to begin the quest of developing an ever-growing line of powerful powders that the Pros will love as a standalone product, or as an enhancement to aqueous ClO2.

Take BoosTiO2 as an example: Adding just 1oz of this product to a prepared solution of aqueous ClO2 makes one of the best all-purpose cleaners our Pros have seen.

Antimicrobial Coatings

The real future of germ control is protection, NOT disinfection. Our industry has been fed a tremendous feast of misdirection on this subject and we intend to set the record right. Disinfect, and a surface is safe until the first contact, treat and protect with one of our many great biostatic antimicrobial products and mold and mildew won't return, odor-causing bacteria can't survive on treated surfaces, nor microbes thrive.

Intuitive Equipment

We have carefully selected to either build or source lines of equipment that reduce expensive labor costs and work harmoniously with our core chemical and solution lines.

We know that many cleaning professionals are looking for a 'one-stop shopping' experience, so we are determined to make the decision what and where to buy as easy as possible. All while partnering with some great American companies.

We Support & Supply North America's Hardest Working Contract Cleaners

Auto Detailers

As long as there have been used cars, rental cars, fire trucks, ambulances and police cruisers there has been the constant need to clean, revitalize and deodorize vehicles. While the name may suggest that the line is limited to odor removal, the website above will show how this line can be your only line. At Bio-Bombs you can obtain an entire detail system.

Cleaning Service Contractors

When the recent pandemic was ravaging our world, our schools and our businesses, most cleaning services continued to take the front line in protecting the public. Carpets were still cleaned, surfaces were continually sanitized and in many cases this was all done by independent cleaning contractors that stepped in to fill the voids in staffing.

Odor & Mold Remediators

The presence of an odor is the presence of a problem. Housekeepers can clean and clean and never successfully remove the source of the odors that are plaguing a home, a business or a recreational vehicle. For these trained professionals we have the products and protocol for success. An OdorPros affiliate offers guaranteed odor removal.

Floor Restoration Contractors

Floor care accounts for 65% of the cost to clean any facility. Focus on this fact and you can deliver serious improvements to any cleaning program. As we have been building Synergy, we could not ignore this opportunity and have been working hard to eliminate stripping, reducing scrubbing and finding treasures.

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Experience Carpet Cleaning at its Very Best...

We designed our Synergy Carpet Cleaning Concentrates to give you extraordinary performance WITHOUT leaving behind the residue commonly associated with carpet cleaning solutions. These three products work in perfect harmony to remove common soils while leaving no detergent residue to attract fresh soils to your carpets. Here's how they work...

  • First Up, Synergy Consume - This product is diluted at 8oz/gal and applied to food, urine and other organic spots and stains as soon as you are on the job - even before you unload equipment. This gives the powerful enzymes the 15-30 minutes to break down and eat soils.
  • Second Up, Synergy Soil Break - Applied especially to traffic lanes but aids in soil removal that is even less visible. Aids in the residue removal chemical reaction.
  • Third Up, Synergy Capture - Here is where the magic of chemistry really kicks in! The key ingredient in Capture reacts with any residue of Soil Break to convert both to CO2! Voila - No detergent residue!
  • Get All Three in a Trial Pack - Want to 'test the waters before buying full cases of product? No problem - you can get a single bottle of each in our Trial Pack. Order Yours Today!
FloorPro Glide for Carpets and Hard Floor Cleaning

Coming Soon & Ready to Clean!

The New FloorPros Floor Machine for Low-Moisture Cleaning at its VERY BEST!

Our new FloorPros Glide Series Machines will be powerful, yet precise regardless of if you are:

  • Cleaning Carpeted Floors
  • Deep Scrubbing Vinyl Tile or LVT Floors
  • Stripping VCT or Deep Cleaning Concrete Floors

This particular machine is standard equipped with a 1.5 HP Motor and comes in 17" or 19" Widths. This is a 'WHEELS-DOWN' buffer for easy control, with a 3 gallon tank and pressurized spray unit already mounted and ready to go! Fits our entire line of drivers.

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Here's a Few of The Latest Additions to Our Product Lines...