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We Have Made It Our Objective to...

Create The Most Scientific, Most Effective Cleaning Program Ever Conceived

Breaking down soil's proteins and bio-burden's odor with Chlorine Dioxide

Creating Cleaning Solutions that leave behind no Soil-Attracting, Bacteria-Harboring Residues

Discovering and Offering Equipment that Radically Reduces Labor Expenses

We Design & Deliver Products to Professionals that Enhance Cleaning Programs

ClO2 Tablets & Granules

Synergy began with the dream of developing and offering the best possible means of generating ClO2 onsite anywhere and for any of the thousands of applications for which chlorine dioxide is suitable. Breaking down organic soil and biofilm like no other compound, it makes it the perfect choice for your cleaning program - regardless if you are looking to clean the air, the water or environmental surfaces.

Concentrated Cleaners

We then made it our business to master the concentrated cleaning compound