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Green Cleaning is System Cleaning and Begins with Top Quality

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Synergy Americas Welcomes the Members of the Green Cleaning Institute.

Green Cleaners Make More Money by Cleaning with Concentrates

The logo associated with the Green Cleaning Institute

Synergy Americas Welcomes the Members of the Green Cleaning Institute.

Smart Cleaners Become the Masters of Odor Control with

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The logo associated with the Green Cleaning Institute

Synergy Americas Welcomes the Members of the Green Cleaning Institute.

Has Always Been Green!

Synergy was actually started as a 'green' initiative, offered to JanSan distributors back as early as 2016. The formulas that were created or selected were created or chosen to fulfill the most basic of criteria - OSHA's CFR1910.1200 - Non Toxic and Non-Hazardous Substances and Compounds.

We sought to put into the hands of cleaning professionals surface cleaning products that specifically were concentrated, portable, non-toxic and high performing. All were designed to enhance the performance of microfiber. We offer sanitizers, cleaners, cleaning tools, cleaning equipment, products for deodorizing and more.

What's In It for You...What's The Incentive to Open an Account with Synergy?

Getting Training & Certification from GCI is tough work, and hard work should be rewarded, right? Well, we are the rewards department.

$100 in Coupons 1 Time Per Year

With your annual membership renewal, you will be rewarded with a $100 OFF coupon from your next purchase from Synergy.

Discounts Off of List Pricing

Each and every item in our store will be discounted by a minimum of 10% from List Price when you log in with your GCI code.

Fast Delivery & Low Free Freight

Synergy ships multiple times each week and covers the cost of freight for GCI members when they spend at least $250.

Expert Advice Always Available

Got a Cleaning Question?

We answer questions on cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing and floor care all day.

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Now, Let Us Highlight a Few Products & Categories You will Want to See...

We stock many items, so the below products and categories represent our most popular items and categories for cleaners like you.

2-sided cleaning cloth for more versatility

Synergy Microfiber Cloths

We have assembled one of the very best lines of microfiber cleaning cloth lines ever compiled - and all selected for longevity of use.

From our 12" x 12" and 16" x 16" 300 gsm weight towels, to our super versatile 8" x 10" 2-sided cloth, each and every product is designed to last over 300 laundering cycles when washed with Synergy Micro Laundry Detergent. Your cloths will emerge from the laundry like new and consistently capture and contain soil and bio-burden.


Synergy Glass & Surface Cleaner

We challenge anyone to test our glass and surface cleaner, at just 1-2 oz/gallon against the biggest names in the category. You will be AMAZED.

When you mix our Glass and Surface Cleaning Concentrate at just 1/2 oz/quart or 2 oz/ gallon, you are getting one of the industries very best surfaces cleaners for around $0.16 per quart. Imagine that! Better than the best and at a price that blows dollar store RTU glass cleaners right out of the water! Use this on glass, plastic, laminate, chrome, and stainless.


Envirotab ClO2 Tablets

For more than 100 years, ClO2 has been praised for its ability to purify water, remove odors from air and sanitize surface. We just put the power in a tablet!

Our Envirotab Tablets are available in convenient pouches or economical pails, and each make powerful air-freshening, surface-sanitizing, and super deep-deodorizing solutions that don't mask odors - the molecule completely destroys them. From 1g tablets that make 32oz of solution to 20g tablets that can eliminate odors from any room or vehicle. Do it all.

Soil Break Store Panel

Synergy Soil Break Concentrate

Once you have used this product, I am certain that you will agree that it has to be one of the most versatile any surface cleaners on the market.

Use it as a deep-cleaning, odor-absorbing, microfiber-enhancing cleaner (at just 1oz/gal) or use it to bolster the cleaning power of any Envirotab ClO2 solution. For instance, add a 4g Envirotab tablet to a gallon of warm water, let it dissolve, then, add just 1oz of Soil Break Concentrate to create one of the most amazing surface cleaning-deodorizing-sanitizing products!

BioClean Bucketless Rocker Mop

The BioClean Rocker Mop

The BioClean Bucketless Rocker Mop is like nothing you have ever seen before. Perfectly Engineered for Efficiency and Ergonomics.

The curved frame reduces the drag experienced with other microfiber mops by at least 50% without any reduction in mop surface area cleaning. Get less drag when you pull, and more force when you scrub. This is the perfect design for small to medium area mopping. The tank holds 22oz and when filled with water, requires less than 1oz of Synergy BioClean.