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Link Your Professional Cleaning Affiliation with Synergy Americas...

Benefits for Your Association... Discounts for Your Members.

Are you part of a professional association or affiliation whose members use cleaning, floor care or odor-mold remediation products? Then you'll definitely want to have a conversation with us. We treat professional associations as though they were distributors - without the burden of carrying any inventory or collecting any receivables. We do it all for you and you are recompensed with a new revenue stream from the accumulative purchases of your cooperative.

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We're committed to the success of America's hardest working individuals.

At Synergy Americas Inc, we want to see businesses not just survive, but thrive. And we love cooperation.

If you didn't feel the same way, then we doubt you would have created your organizations affiliation or association program - the commitment of time and energy to grow your program inevitably outweighs the cost of your membership fees.

That's why we want to work with you. Your members need cleaning products, and we have them. It may be our deodorizers for surface and air spaces that caught your attention, or our concentrated cleaners for floors and carpets, our equipment or our best value on the market chlorine dioxide tablets and granules. Whatever the product category, we think we can be your members' best source at a fair then discounted price, with low minimums for free shipping and great expertise and service after the fact.

We'll assist you with training, marketing material and treat you just like you were the distributor, but without all the associated headaches of inventory, shipping, invoicing and restocking.

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