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SilverShield Surface Sealer & Mold Inhibitor – 4Gal/Cs


Removing the stain of Mold and Mildew is only HALF the BATTLE. Now, you have to offer your customer some hope that the growth will not return.
Once you have eliminated the discoloration with GOLD4 MOLD and attacked the roots of the vegetation with ENVIROTAB then the insurance policy can be applied. That is now called SILVER SHIELD.

This product is DILUTABLE (3X more concentrated than CHITOSHIELD), and can be applied as delivered or diluted with up to 2 parts of water.

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Description & Recommendations

Designed for The Mold Remediation Professional, this product is your clear-coat insurance against the recurrence of mold on surfaces that you have treated with GOLD4 MOLD and Envirotab.

This product may be applied to: 

  • Very ROUGH surfaces as packaged using a professional grade airless paint sprayer.
  • Smooth and Semi-smooth surfaces in a diluted version by reducing it 1:1 or 1:2 with water, using a pump or battery ULV sprayer.

Proposed Method for Surface Preparation & Maintenance:

  • Vacuum off surface vegetative mold with a HEPA vacuum.
  • Treat visible discolorations with GOLD4 MOLD.
  • Floors, decks, fences and walls may also be cleaned with a 2oz/gallon (in HOT water) solution of BoosTiO2.
  • Treat ALL previously contaminated surfaces AND ALL adjacent surfaces with 400ppm preparation of Envirotab.
  • Select method of application from the options above and treat with 2-light passes (N-S, E-W) to ensure complete coverage.

Additional Information:

  • SILVER SHIELD is intended to be applied in complete, but thin coats. Do NOT over apply, it will only become sticky.
  • SILVER SHIELD will not wear away from surfaces that are not subject to abrasion. In an attic or crawl space, it should never require replacement.

To view our Specification Sheet for SilverShield, Click Here.

To view our Specification Sheet for GOLD4 MOLD, Click Here.

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