Schools, Colleges & Universities

Observations on the Setting:

Schools of all types and for all ages are places of constant movement. Students shuffle from one class to the next, lockers are accessed, door handles are touched and stairs are climbed – with hundreds of students touching handrails and other surfaces. Germs are deposited and withdrawn all day long.

Recommendations on Cleaning Protocols:

Round the clock movement, use and activity requires some level of round the clock protection. Cleaned surfaces should be treated with antimicrobials, so as to render them inhibitive to bacterial colonization. Cleaning should be done with microfiber and low dose concentrations of Envirotab (50-100ppm), or Synergy Glass & Surface, and disinfection by ULV Spraying with a 300ppm application of ProDox disinfectant (likely availability in Q1 2021).

Products you may wish to Review:

Please consider reviewing the following products from our line:

  • Envirotab ClO2 Cleaner and Deodorizer
  • Synergy Glass & Surface (available in multiple dispensing options)
  • ProDox Disinfectant (expected release in Q1 2021).

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