Auto Detailing & Odor Control

Observations on the Setting:

Car Detailers can be stationary (working in a shop), or nomadic (on the road day after day); either way, they need products that work well and work fast, and customers are only satisfied when the results are long-lasting. A few solutions need to do get it done, and help the attendant to get out.

Recommendations on Cleaning Protocols:

Glass and interior hard surface cleaning must be done with as little chemistry as possible, and as close to a neutral pH as feasible. Dashboards and door panels can't be dried out by alkaline degreasers and surfaces must dry quickly. Odors must be dealt with aggressively, effectively and easily.

Products you may wish to Review:

  • Envirotab and microfiber for all hard surface cleaning (other than glass)
  • Synergy Glass for glass and chrome | Synergy BioClean for engine degreasing & car wash
  • Synergy Soil Break (imbedded dirt) | Consume (food stains) | Capture (extraction)
  • BioBombs for deep deodorizing, and Envirotab & ULV Mist Sprayer for light deodorizing

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