Mold & Mildew Remediation

Observations on the Setting:

The elimination of the fungal contamination and it stain from semi-porous and porous surfaces is a nasty job. The chance of personal contamination by the technician, breathing in the fungal spores means that the job needs to be done safely, quickly and effectively. Often times, the mold is imbedded on vertical surfaces, meaning that hang-time is also of great importance.

Recommendations on Cleaning Protocols:

Mold is best dealt with in three to four steps:

  • Safe removal of surface contamination that can otherwise be easily made airborne;
  • Application of a deep-penetrating, yet clinging fungicidal disinfectant with extraction;
  • Final application of the same disinfectant on a fully cleaned surface;
  • Application of a durable antimicrobial that can inhibit the reappearance of the same.

Products you may wish to Review:

We'd like to bring to your attention each of the available sizes (so as to have batch-size flexibility) of these products:

  • Envirotab cleaner and deodorizer (for surface pre-cleaning, stain-removal and post removal deodorizing)
  • Synergy Cling Additive for ClO2
  • ProDox Healthcare Disinfectant (expected release in Q1 2021) for post-cleaning disinfection

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