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A Better Way to Clean Hard Surfaces

These are times when microbes are of concern to everyone – microbes on surfaces, microbes in the air, and microbes in water – many of which are associated with disease, infection, and sometimes death.

Let’s just work on the assumption that microbes are everywhere. They are delivered to the surfaces we touch both on, and through our skin; depending on the type and size, they can become temporarily airborne and delivered on airstream and through HVAC systems to surfaces.

Once in place, bacteria replicates, colonizes, and builds a defensive structure called “biofilm” (for a fuller explanation, we heartily recommend this report).

In short, biofilms can be composed of polysaccharides or protein-based. If not dismantled and removed, the bacteria is a threat to everyone.

Unfortunately, they are of a material that is not normally dismantled by traditional detergents, peroxides or even bleach. There is nothing that dismantles and eliminates biofilm better than chlorine dioxide.

Once the biofilm is decomposed, it can be removed (along with the accompanying soil and bacteria) with microfiber in a two step process:

Step 1: Hydrate & Agitate

Using mild aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions of 50-100ppm, which is 100-200 TIMES more potent than used to control biofilm in water lines, and yet completely safe for use as a daily cleaner, will quickly decompose the protective surface scum associated with bacterial colonization.

Simply wet the surfaces with a pre-dampened microfiber cloth or a ClO2 pre-moistened ProTab Cleaning Cloth, and use either cloth to mechanically agitate the surface soil.

Step 2: Capture, Contain & Carry Away

Microfiber alone, has been tested and proven to remove 95-98% of all soil and bio-burden without the aid of chemistry, so enhancing its performance with chlorine dioxide will bring the process to near perfect performance.

After a few seconds, and using a quarter-folded, dry microfiber, wipe the damp surface dry. Fold and renew the cleaning surface of the microfiber cloth to reduce the chance of accidental cross-contamination.

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